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When the Real-Time Labor Guide® was first released in 1994, we revolutionized the industry… and with Real-Time Labor Guide Online we did it again.

Over the last several decades, we have collaborated with thousands of auto repair professionals in the field for labor times that reflect real world conditions. Our accuracy and 45 years of vehicle coverage helps your bottom line. We are so confident that you will love our product that we proudly offer a no-obligation, risk free trial so you can see for yourself how truly easy and economical our product is.

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What does the Real-Time Labor Guide Online include?

The Real-Time Labor Guide® was built by mechanics for mechanics. It helps them be more successful in their business by saving them so much time with the (tedious) constant task of giving estimates. The features listed below are a quick example of those offered to our Real-Time Labor Guide® customers:

Try it for yourself for FREE for the first 21 days!

If you've ever used a flat rate book to look up a labor time you know how time consuming and complicated that can be. Or perhaps you're a new mechanic just coming out of school. You've heard of these so called "labor guide books", you may even have seen them before, and even though you know they contain valuable information there is no plan to use them anytime in the future.

That's because today all that information is available on your shop computer. But not all software is created equal.

What if there was an online labor guide resource that was so easy to use that all mechanics - from the newest technician to the most seasoned veteran would feel comfortable using it? What if this labor guide became such an indispensable resource that it would not only replace the old books that are currently collecting dust, but also was the new measuring stick against which all other labor guide resources were held to?

What if - as a bonus - this online labor guide resource was so powerful it could help you convey a professional image to your customers while ensuring profit maximization? Lucky for you - you've found Real-Time Labor Guide Online!

Since the first release of the Real-Time Labor Guide® in 1994 we've focused on making our software easy to use and full of bonus features. In late 2012, the same focus was extended to the development and release of our newest application, the Real Time Labor Guide Online. The online version of our software is the most accurate and advanced labor guide we have ever released, and because of the added flexibility, security, and power of the "cloud" we have the ability to continually increase that accuracy with seamless updates on a regular basis.

You will find our labor guide in every level of the auto repair industry; small independent shops, dealerships, schools and multi-location chains. If you are looking for a labor guide with accurate labor times, 45 years of auto repair coverage and an easy-to-use interface…

Try it for yourself for FREE for the first 21 days!

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Try it for yourself for FREE for the next 21 days!