Terms & Conditions

  1. By using the Online Product, or by your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions indicated during the Account Sign-up and/or Payment Sign-up Process, End User is hereby subscribing to and becoming a Licensee for Dowell Systems, Inc. (DSI) Real-Time Labor Guide Online ("Product"). Licensee's subscription hereunder is for the Subscription Period selected during the Payment Sign-up Process. Licensee agrees to pay the subscription fee, as applicable, and any taxes pertaining to this order, for such Subscription Period, as one sum. Upon acceptance of this Account by DSI, DSI shall grant a license, as set forth in the End User License Agreement, to Licensee. If Licensee is in default of any of Licensee's obligations hereunder, DSI may avail itself of any of the remedies set forth in the End User License Agreement. THE LICENSE SHALL AUTOMATICALLY RENEW FOR SUCCESSIVE SUBSCRIPTION PERIODS UNLESS TERMINATED BY LICENSEE.  SUCH RENEWAL SHALL BE AT DSI'S THEN CURRENT LIST PRICE WITHOUT APPLICATION OF ANY DISCOUNTS OR OTHER ADJUSTMENTS WITHOUT THE EXPRESS AGREEMENT OF DSI AND LICENSEE.
  2. Licensee's subscription and License establishes one End User account which allows for one concurrent user.  Upon acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and End-User License Agreement, End User may log in and create additional concurrent users for their account for an additional subscription fee.  Any additional users created by the original End User will be subject to the same Terms and Conditions and End-User License Agreement as the original End User, and their use of the program signifies their understanding and acceptance of such.
  3. By entering the information requested during the Payment Sign-up Process, Licensee expressly authorizes DSI to charge Licensee the subscription fee, plus any applicable tax, to the Payment Method Licensee provided during the Payment Sign-up Process (or to a different Payment Method if Licensee changes account information). DSI shall automatically charge Licensee's designated Payment Method when due in accordance with the commencement and renewal of the Licensee's subscription.  More account information can be found under the "Billing Management" section within the Product.  Payments are nonrefundable.
  4. Licensee may change Payment Method information by accessing the "Billing Management" section of the application.  If any payment by Licensee is declined, the Licensee shall be deemed to be in default.   If Licensee is in default, DSI may, at its sole discretion, terminate or suspend Licensee's access to the Product.  In the event of Licensee default, Licensee remains responsible for any uncollected amounts and shall reimburse any costs or expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys' fees) incurred by DSI in its attempt to collect any amount that is not paid when due.
  5. Licensee may cancel subscription at any time.  Cancellation will be completed within two (2) business days and no future billings will occur.  Licensee will retain access to the Product for the duration of the subscription period for which they have paid in full. NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS SHALL BE ISSUED FOR PARTIALLY USED SUBSCRIPTION PERIODS.
  6. Use of the Product requires Internet connectivity and computer hardware and operating system software as provided in the minimum system requirements set forth in the FAQ sections of the Website, www.laborguide.net. DSI shall not have any obligation to provide, install, service, maintain, repair or support any such Licensee furnished hardware or software.
  7. The terms of the End User License Agreement, the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy contained in the Product shall bind Licensee.